Sunday, July 6, 2008



A promise is a promise, even if I dont have time. I apologize for taking so long guys. I am so freaking busy these days. So dont hate me for the short post.

The work on the PAY SITE is starting July 15th. Expect something in late september.

There will still be some free stuff on the site but the nice stuff, will be FOR PAY. Cost will be $5 per month or $50 per year. The site will be real cool with alerts sent when your favorit celebrity has new pics and a weekly news letter with news etc. I will also have an erotic writer write a story every week of a foot fetish fantasy (you guys can put your stories up too).

In any rate, its going to be classy without any cheasy sex shit (still there is going to be quality sex stuff there, you know my style by now).

OK and now to Julia: Maybe its just me but I never wanted this one. GEt this (its funny, I know) I always thought that her pussy is as wide and HUGE as her a monster hole LOL. What a scary thought (and no, yours truely is not under equipped).....

As for the feet, they are cool with me, she has real nice ones. But her face..... I dont know....and that mouth..... holly mother of god.

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floorcrawler said...

Julia's feet are probably the most overexposed of the past 20 years.

But it would be great to see her put all ten toes in that big yap of hers. She could be the next Sarah Palin that way.